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A new Newsletter CLICK was sent to members on 14th March 2014; it is in your INBOX - from now on we will not make Newsletters publicly available.  This website contains confidential information and is intended for members of Lloyds Action Now and prospective members of LAN.  By accessing information on the website you warrant that you are not an employee of Lloyds Banking Group or acting in any capacity adverse to the interests of LAN. New solicitors Harcus Sinclair are working hard on finalising applications to Court and counsel is drafting Particulars of Claim.  No extension can be granted to those who are not "Paid up & Signed up" after 15th April 2014 when LAN membership will close. 

Lloyds Action Now (LAN) is an association of shareholders, set up to aid shareholders recover their investment losses as a result of the disastrous merger of Lloyds TSB Bank (LTSB) with Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS).

We now know that Lloyds directors (and advisors), the Government, the Financial Services Authority and the Bank of England (and advisors) were fully aware of the effective bankruptcy of HBOS before the merger. Notwithstanding they promoted the merger and BoE assisted by HM Treasury secretly injected over £25 billion into HBOS, the US Fed loaned $11bn and it has not been denied that Lloyds TSB itself secretly loaned HBoS £10bn -  to keep it afloat - until this ‘marriage of convenience’ could be consummated.  This was all deliberately withheld from ordinary LTSB shareholders before we were asked to vote.  Sir Victor Blank encouraged shareholders to support the merger while not disclosing important facts!

We now move to a funded and insured methodology having received counsels' opinion that the prospects of success are very good.

If you are currently a Lloyds Banking Group employee/pensioner or a former employee of Lloyds, Lloyds Action Now will make reasonable endeavours to protect your identity.  It is up to you to tell us that you are an employee/pensioner or former employee in the Questionnaire.

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